Types Of Electric Cars

Top 5 types of electric cars

Top 5 types of electric cars Recently, the need to use electric cars instead of fuel cars has increased, so major car manufacturers competed to provide the best model and best quality in the electric car industry, in addition to the design and colors of cars to gain admiration. All tastes, there are features that must be available in electric cars, the most important of which is the long-distance that the car can travel without the need to charge its battery, in addition to the speed and horsepower of its motor. We offer the best.

Top 5 types of electric cars


  • This car is one of the best electric cars.
  • BMW models are known to be among the best models that are now offered in the global markets.
  • With the development of this electric car and its capabilities for longer battery life, this car can be obtained without any thought.
  • Especially after the interest of technology experts in providing the car with the appropriate capabilities.

Smart Fortwo Electric

  • Smart has launched an environmentally friendly car before, and it was one of the best environmentally friendly cars, as it does not require much energy to move.
  • As for the electric version, it combines the largest number of features that make it always the best.
  • It is sufficient that its battery works for a distance of 140 km without charging.
  • Which is one of the most important features that increase the value of the car.
Top 5 types of electric cars
Top 5 types of electric cars

Mitsubishi i-MiEV

  • Mitsubishi is considered one of the most important large companies in the whole world that launch a distinguished range of electric cars.
  • It has provided the Mitsubishi electric car with all the appropriate capabilities so that it can travel as far as possible without the need for charging.
  • This car runs at a distance of 150 kilometers without stopping, and as for its speed.
  • It operates at a maximum speed of 130 kilometers per hour.

Volkswagen Eup

  • This car is from the new generation of the Volkswagen series, which combines a lot of features. It is one of the most wonderful cars presented by Volkswagen.
  • This car travels for a distance of 160 km without the need to charge electricity.
  • And its horsepower reaches 82 hp.
  • It is one of the most wonderful electric cars.
  • And it is possible that the number will reach one million cars by the year 2020, with the interest of the German government.


  • This car is a high-quality German car.
  • It has received great interest from technology experts to develop it very well with other German electric cars.
  • This car can travel at a speed of 140 km per hour, and its horsepower is 115 hp.

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