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Hybrid electric cars 2021

Hybrid electric cars 2021, Discover our light hybrid car technology with a starter-generator that lowers engine load for lower fuel consumption and lower emissions.

Hybrid Series

  • The first type of hybrid car where car is powered by electricity alone.
  • And here the internal combustion engine expands the vehicle’s range of travel by adding charge to the battery while driving.
  • This type is considered very clean because all intents and purposes refer to a pure electric car.
  • And on those few occasions when the internal combustion engine is started to generate additional electric current.
  • It operates precisely at the most fuel-efficient range to take advantage of the most energy from every available liter. For example BMW i3.
Hybrid electric cars 2021
Hybrid electric cars 2021

Parallel Hybrids

  • The Toyota Synergy Hybrid engine represents the most popular model of the Parallel hybrid system, while the Honda Insight is a very popular choice.
  • In both cases, the car is primarily driven by an internal combustion engine, but the electric motor is also connected to the same drivetrain.
  • So it can provide additional power to the road wheels when acceleration is needed, thus saving fuel.
  • Since electric motors are built into the propulsion system, the Parallel Hybrid can only be powered by electric propulsion at low speeds only for driving around town.
  • For a very limited time, because the batteries are relatively small.
  • However, the small size of the batteries means they can be charged to full capacity quickly from the motor, so you won’t have to worry about range and distance.
  • Even if the batteries are completely empty, you can always drive on petrol – or diesel – alone.

Mild hybrid

  • A type of hybrid that is essentially similar to the Parallel hybrid.
  • While the electric motor provides a bit of help to the internal combustion engine by running simultaneously with it when the vehicle needs more power.
  • This system usually consists of small batteries so a Mild hybrid will not run on battery power alone.
  • However, you get the benefit of increased fuel efficiency.
  • The energy that would normally be wasted by braking can be converted back into electricity, stored in the battery.
  • And recycled back into the drive-on-demand system.
  • Along with Mild Hybrids, the Parallel is generally considered the best hybrid choice for drivers who drive a lot of miles.
  • It should also be noted that pure electric driving may reduce pollution in the city.
  • But the electricity you use is mainly from burning fuel in the engine.
  • This means driving in electric-only mode is actually less efficient than letting the hybrid system do its job.

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