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How do electric car motors work?

How do electric car motors work? Electric cars must be recharged to operate. But how exactly does it work? We will explain how an electric car works, what are the advantages of an electric motor compared to a combustion engine, and what are the disadvantages.

Components of a car’s electrical system

  • Let’s first say that the electrical systems in the car are very complex at the moment.
  • Where electricity became controlling the amount of fuel in the engine, the car today is equipped with many electrical systems such as LED screens, and even ABS works with electricity.
  • In order to learn car electricity, you must learn about the main parts that generate electric power inside the car and identify the parts that operate with electricity inside.

Electric car system

Power generator (dynamo)

It is the device responsible for generating electricity, drawing power from the engine, and generating enough power to meet all the requirements of all the electrical components in the car.

Car battery and its function

  • Provides power to start the car, and provides power to various parts of the car when the alternator cannot provide enough power.
  • For example, a car radio can be operated from battery power while the engine is turned off, the lights are on, or the ventilation is off.

Carburetor or power supply

The carburetor relies on its work on injection drips, as it works to send a quantity of fuel to the engine to make the car run.

How do electric car motors work
How do electric car motors work

Spark plugs

  • Gasoline engines need a spark to operate, which is a way to ignite the mixture of gasoline and air inside the vehicle’s combustion chamber.
  • They are considered important elements in cars.
  • As they maintain the high performance of vehicles and maintain the vehicle’s electrical system, so it was called the heart of the engine.

Cooling fans

  • Cooling fans are attached to the engine, but as the front wheels are pushed and advanced.
  • The cooling fans are electronically controlled.
  • That is, they are operated when the thermostat is needed, and the cooling fans work on electricity as well.


Front and rear lights, blinkers, and brake lights are all wired electrical parts that are connected to the central circuit.

Electronic control unit

  • It is the electronic control unit or as it is called the internal computer.
  • Which is responsible for managing the various functions in the car.

Car fuse box

  • They are the valves that manage the current in the car.
  • As the valves protect the electrical equipment from burning in the event of a fault in the generator.
  • Or wires, etc., fuses turn heavy electrical items on and off in a vehicle.

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