Electric Vehicle Components

Electric Vehicle Engine Components

Electric Vehicle Engine Components, a car engine is more than an engine designed as an integrated unit and a single part. The components of a car engine are divided into two main parts: a mechanical section and an electrical section. We will learn about the components of both together.

Electric Vehicle Engine Components


  • The cylinder is one of the basic mechanical parts of a car engine.
  • where the processes of fuel combustion occur and the piston moves up and down generating the required movement.
  • The cylinders are lined up next to each other as an integrated block called a cylinder block.
  • and engines are classified according to the dimensions and orientation of the cylinders.
  • A cylinder is usually made of iron or aluminum, and the reason for favoring aluminum is its lightness and good heat dissipation.


  • It is the cylindrical part that moves up and down the cylinder.
  • and it usually has a diameter slightly less than that of the cylinder to ease the direct wear of its surface.
  • It is surrounded by three circular rings known as piston rings.
  • which are concerned with preventing the leakage of oil and various gases to and from the combustion chamber.
  • Two of its rings are usually made of iron or aluminum alloy, while the third is made of aluminum.


  • One of the most important components of a mechanical car engine.
  • it converts the reciprocating movement of the piston into rotational motion, and it is usually made of steel.
Electric Vehicle Engine Components
Electric Vehicle Engine Components

Connecting Rod

  • It is the part responsible for transmitting the movement between the piston and the crankshaft.
  • where it is converted into rotational movement, as we mentioned.
  • The connecting rod has two ends, one of which is small.
  • which is attached to the piston part with the help of the so-called gudgeon pin, and the other is large.
  • which is attached to the crankshaft with the help of the crank pin.
  • The connecting rod is usually made of forged steel or lightweight aluminum alloy.
  • which contributes to heat absorption.

Cylinder Head

  • It is the part fixed to the head of the cylinder block, and it includes the valves and ignition elements.
  • The inlet and exhaust port are also installed inside it.
  • The cylinder heads are part of the combustion chamber.
  • Number of these heads varies according to the type of engine.
  • some have a common head for all cylinders, while some feature a separate head for each cylinder.
  • These heads are usually made of iron or aluminum alloy.


  • There are two types of valves within a car’s engine components.
  • one responsible for introducing the air-fuel mixture (or only air in diesel engines) into the combustion chamber.
  • It is called the inlet valve, while the exhaust valve works to take the exhaust gases out of the cylinder.
  • Valves are usually made of alloy steel and are usually filled with sodium in order to increase their ability to transfer heat.

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