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Hybrid car types

What are Hybrid car types? Hybrid cars have many different types, as each type of hybrid car is different from the other, and in today’s article, we will talk about each type separately.

What are Hybrid car types?

In the following lines, we will mention the types of hybrid cars in detail:

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Hybrid Series

The first type of hybrid car, where car is powered by electricity alone.

Here the internal combustion engine expands the vehicle’s range by adding charge to the battery while driving.

This type is considered very clean because all intents and purposes refer to a pure electric car.

And on those few occasions when the internal combustion engine is turned on to generate additional electric current.

It operates precisely over the most fuel-efficient range to get the most power from every available liter.

Parallel Hybrids

Both engines are connected to the same wheel hub, so the internal combustion engine can – only – transmit power to the front wheels or to the electric motor – only – transmit the movement to the same wheel hub.

And in the case of sports driving, both transmit power at the same time to provide the largest possible power and torque to the car.

Hybrid car types
Hybrid car types

Mild hybrid

  1. A type of hybrid that is essentially similar to the Parallel hybrid.
  2. While the electric motor provides a bit of help to the internal combustion engine by running simultaneously with it when the vehicle needs more power.
  3. This system usually consists of small batteries so a Mild hybrid will not run on battery power alone.
  4. However, you get the benefit of increased fuel efficiency.
  5. As the energy that would normally be wasted due to braking can be converted back into electricity.
  6. Stored in the battery, and recycled back into the drive-on-demand system.

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Plug-in Hybrid – Hybrid car types

  • Hybrid cars get a traditional fuel-powered engine, electric motor.
  • And battery larger than standard hybrid cars.
  • The difference is that the car can be charged by connecting it to an external electrical socket and it can be driven a greater distance using the electric motor.

What are the safest means of electric cars?

  • “Electric cars are as safe as the models, which run on internal combustion engines,” Markus Eaglehaf, accident researcher with the technical inspection organization Decra.
  • According to the results of the crash tests of these cars, the technical aspects of the battery and electrical connections were controlled.
  • The power supply is cut off in the event of an accident in a very short period of time.
  • In a matter of seconds, Eaglehave added, the voltage in the car’s systems drops to a non-critical range below 60 volts.
  • Even in the event of a fire, electric motors are no more dangerous than cars equipped with internal combustion engines.
  • This was demonstrated by the results of the fire and extinguishing tests.
  • Which were carried out by the technical inspection organization Decra in cooperation with the companies producing electric cars.

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