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Disadvantages of electric cars

Disadvantages of electric cars Despite the great advantages of electric cars, personal experiences around the world showed some flaws that cannot be overlooked and making the purchase decision still requires some time for more thought.

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Disadvantages of electric cars

In the following lines, we will mention all the disadvantages of electric cars as follows:

The range of electric vehicles is not guaranteed

  1. The range of electric cars is not guaranteed.
  2. Every electric car has a net electric range that the company determines during its launch.
  3. But it is usually difficult to achieve these numbers in real life, due to various factors of the weather and others, which play a large role in determining the area of ​​​​traffic.
  4. Cold weather reduces the official sphere by nearly 40% at times.

Limited infrastructure for charging stations

Infrastructure for charging stations is limited The biggest negative factor in electric vehicles is the insufficient availability of charging stations, especially in rural areas and outside major cities.

This means that long trips are a huge challenge, and it also prevents anyone in an area that does not have to charge stations nearby from buying a car in the first place if they are unable to charge the car at home.

The high price of electric cars

They remain significantly more expensive than conventional cars, which puts them outside the acceptable price range for many consumers.

Although the traditional response to this is that the car compensates for the high price difference in saving fuel expenses over its life.

Disadvantages of electric cars
Disadvantages of electric cars

The battery needs to be recharged

The battery needs to be recharged, which takes a lot of time, up to 8 hours if you use an ordinary electrical outlet at home.

Electric vehicle maintenance costs are high

High maintenance costs with not many maintenance centers available.

Car weight gain due to battery

Electric cars weigh about 3 tons due to the large batteries, which leads to the consumption of a large amount of them.

Battery efficiency decreases over time

Electric car batteries up to this point are the same batteries that are used, for example, in smartphones.

This means that, just like a smartphone, it will need to be changed after a certain number of shipments.

Features of electric cars

There are reasons that can be said to be logical why most of the governments of major countries are working to provide facilities for owners of electric cars, these reasons are the most important of which are the following:

Electric cars are less polluting to the environment

  • Certainly, electric cars are significantly less polluting to the environment compared to cars that run on burning fuels such as gasoline, diesel, etc., but not by 100%.
  • Some may think that electric cars do not pollute the environment at all.
  • But in fact, they pollute the environment.
  • So far, the materials used in the manufacture of electric car batteries are not recyclable and can be used again.
  • The electricity that cars use for charging is actually produced from fossil fuels.
  • Unless the electricity used is from a renewable source such as solar energy, then it is not polluting the environment.

Electric cars do not require much expense

  1. One of the advantages of electric cars is that many countries subsidize electric car owners financially.
  2. In some countries, electric cars are allowed to park for free.
  3. And they are allowed to be charged for free or for a very low cost.
  4. In terms of maintenance, it also does not require a lot of expenses.
  5. Because its engines operate on electricity only, and do not require liquids such as oils and liquid fuels to operate as in ordinary cars.
  6. Therefore, electric cars do not produce smoke, and if an electric car passes near you and you do not see it.
  7. You won’t feel like anything has gone through because their engines are simple and contain no noisy components when they work together.
  8. In terms of charging, you can currently charge your car once, enough to travel up to 500 km without stopping.
  9. And how long the battery lasts depends on the capacity of the charger, just like a smartphone.
  10. There are slow chargers that take a maximum of 8 hours to fully charge the battery.
  11. And there are fast chargers that take from half an hour to an hour to fully charge the battery.

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Electric cars are safer and more comfortable

In some cars, such as Tesla, the car can drive itself and maintain lanes on the roads, as it contains radars and sensors to avoid collision with any object.

Electric cars contain more modern technology

  1. With the purchase of an electric car such as a Tesla, you are constantly getting updates for your car.
  2. It also has a mobile application that enables you to know the charging level.
  3. Start and stop the car remotely, and much more without having to check it closely.
  4. In addition, you can enjoy video games inside your cars as if a real PlayStation was attached to it from the inside.
  5. The acceleration of the car is also very large, to the point that it takes 1.98 seconds to reach a speed of 100 km.

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