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What are the disadvantages of electric cars?

What are the disadvantages of electric cars? Electric Vehicles, or for short (EV), is a car that operates on electric power instead of the usual engine, where there are several batteries inside to be charged from an electric source, and it can also be recharged many times when needed, and most companies have begun to compete for the auto industry electrical improvement and development.

Buying an electric car

  • When making the decision to buy an electric car, there are several important things that we must take into account before that; Because there are many other options.
  • Such as hybrid cars (Hybrid) and cars that run on gas, gasoline, or diesel, and we mention in the following the most important things to be aware of:

Need continuous charging

  • Charging the car battery is one of the most important things on the minds of electric car owners; Because it is the main factor by which the vehicle will continue to travel.
  • The following is one of the most important disadvantages of electric cars in terms of charging:
  • Number and availability of charging stations
  • With all attempts to build stations and charging points for electric cars, it is still not comparable to the number and availability of gas stations.
  • Because the infrastructure of charging points is still weak.
  • Also, especially since not everyone can own it because they cannot charge their cars at home, especially at night.
  • Some of them live in high-rise apartments and do not have private spaces for the car, and this makes it difficult for them.
What are the disadvantages of electric cars
What are the disadvantages of electric cars

Mileage range

  • Despite the continuous development with regard to increasing the range of distances covered by electric cars, they are limited and do not compete with fuel-powered cars.
  • Especially with the interference of weather and terrain factors that affect the performance of the battery.

Car batteries charging time

  • Charging time depends on the speed of the electric charger and the capacity of the battery. For example, to charge a car (Tesla S) using a regular home charger takes approximately 9 hours.
  • While the quick charger only takes half an hour, which is a big difference, as most fast chargers are only available at charging stations.

Electricity bill

  • It is certain that the cost of charging an electric car is lower than the cost of filling up a regular fuel car, but there are several factors that will affect the cost of filling.
  • Such as the charging time and location of your car, the rates offered by your electricity provider, and the cost of installing a home charging station.
  • For example, if your vehicle needs a capacity of (40 Kwh) kilowatts to fully charge and the kilowatt price (18 cents) will be the cost per charge ($7.20).
  • And if you want to install a solar charger for the car, the installation of the solar system will cost you approximately (7,000 dollars).

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