Features Of Electric Cars

What are the features of the electric car?

What are the features of the electric car? What are a lot of car lovers to a new world full of technology, leaving a lot of technical orders for mechanical elements, and in light of the tremendous technological development, electric cars have become an hour and a fertile competitive Between large global automotive manufacturing companies?

Features of electric cars

  • Eco-friendly electric cars in the first place, as a sophisticated way to limit harmful emissions, which are produced because of traditional vehicles and vapors.
  • The technical problems of regular fuel may vary, due to the outstanding impurities in gasoline.
  • Which may cause clogging accuse or damage to fuel pumps and gasoline filters, and this is avoiding electric cars.
  • Electric cars provide a lot of money for energy supply, high fuel prices, and can be easily shipped and spend the walk-by-the-wheeled flight by each shipment.
  • It also provides a lot of money for maintenance.
  • which does not require the stages of maintenance of traditional fuel cars.
What are the features of the electric car
What are the features of the electric car

Electric car defects

  • There are a lot of concerns about using electric cars so far for not spreading the idea in general.
  • Lack of power charging stations for this system.
  • Fear of car battery damage, the new battery price.
  • which looks high price, in addition to the timing of your battery and requires nearly 45 minutes for shipment and one.
  • High electric car prices are heavily about other cars and trading.

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