Types Of Electric Cars

What types of electric cars?

What Types Of Electric Cars? We will mention to all our visitors all they want to know about the types of different electric cars, the importance of switching to electric cars and what they are providing fuel and improving the environment, in addition to several features,

Electric hybrid car:

  • The hybrid electric car appeared in 1890 and was registered in 1905.
  • And began its first commercial vehicle in 1910, currently in the Ford Museum in Dearborn.
  • Depends on a kinetic system composed of two different types of energy storage and converted into movement.
  • For example, an electric engine is used along with an internal combustion engine as a way to turn power into a movement.
  • It uses an electric battery as well as usual fuel as two ways to store energy and turn it into movement power.
What types of electric cars
What types of electric cars

 Electric battery with battery:

  • Is an electrical powered car, has been designed and manufactured for a lot of applications.
  • And from one of these applications that the original engine is replaced by the car.
  • And is known as an internal combustion engine.
  • With another electrician, the easiest way is to switch from the use of petroleum (gasoline) to electricity while leaving other components for the car.
  • The engine is also fed up with electrical power using storage batteries.
  • The electric car design generally depends on electric power engineering.

How to control electric cars?

  • Electrical control department and the battery are characterized by special specifications.
  • with the possibility of reducing its weight.
  • And is the most important characteristic that it is environmentally friendly.
  • On July 3, 1971, an electric vehicle was acquired by the name.
  • The first electric car was driven by the moon and knew the Lunar Rover (Lunar Rover).
  • Which has begun its design in 1969.
  • It was also used during Apollo 16 and Apollo 17 and was used by astronauts to increase their indoor spaces on the moon to 90 kilometers.

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