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The main advantages of electric cars

The main advantages of electric cars After Qatar announced the opening of the first electric car factory in Qatar in particular and the Middle East in general, in partnership with a major Japanese company in the electric car industry, the controversy increased about the pros and cons of electric cars.

Despite the great popularity and enthusiasm that electric cars have enjoyed to see them in the market, despite the many different advantages of electric cars, they also have many disadvantages, we will talk in the following lines: The main advantages of electric cars.

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The main advantages of electric cars

In the following lines, we will talk about the main advantages of electric cars:

Environmentally friendly electric cars

Electric cars do not emit carbon emissions of any kind and do not emit smoke or exhaust, thus preserving the environment, especially in crowded cities.

Saving Money

Electric cars do not need to be filled with fuel, which means saving a lot of money that would have been spent on car fuel. Electric cars only need to be recharged with electricity, which costs very low compared to fuel.

No maintenance required

Since electric cars rely on batteries, you don’t need to do maintenance on mechanical drives.

And what is associated with engines from other parts such as changing valves and changing the oil.

Which usually need regular maintenance. Which means no need to go to maintenance centers and thus save a lot of money.

Suitable for cities

Electric cars are quiet as they do not have an annoying engine sound, and are suitable for crowded cities due to the ease of controlling them from starting and stopping.

Electric cars are safe for the driver

Safe for the driver, it has airbags, and electrical supplies can be cut off to stop the battery and protect other passengers.

What are the disadvantages of electric cars?

In the following lines, we will talk about the disadvantages of electric cars:

Limited power stations

This is perhaps one of the most disadvantages of electric cars at the present time.

Because the infrastructure of cities is not prepared to provide enough electric stations to serve electric car owners. This takes a lot of time, effort and money to provide.

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High price

Electric cars are still significantly more expensive than conventional cars, which reduces the number of people who will consider purchasing them.

Emissions from electrical stations

Despite the fact that electric cars are environmentally friendly, electric stations still emit harmful emissions that pollute the environment.


Just thinking about going out with your car but forgetting to charge it is a bad idea. And do not forget that if you go out for a long trip and the car stops in a place where there are no electric charging stations for the car, you will not be able to complete your trip or return home.

In addition, the batteries are heavy in weight, which affects the running of the car.

Difficulty in maintenance and repair

The fact that the car is electric means that all its parts are electronic. If the car stopped.

For example, the solution would not be to change the oil or something like that.

On the contrary, you will need electronic parts, and they may not be available or cannot be replaced.

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Hybrid car engine

  1. How can this smaller engine power the car to keep up with more powerful cars on the road?
  2. Let’s compare a Chevrolet Camaro for example, with its 8 cylinder engine, we have a hybrid car with a small engine and an electric motor.
  3. The engine in the Camaro has more than enough power to handle any driving situation.
  4. The engine in a hybrid car is powerful enough to propel the car along the highway.
  5. But when he needs to get more strength or go up a steep hill.
  6. They need help. Help comes from the electric motor and battery — this system works to provide the necessary additional power.

Fuel price: electric cars VS fuel cars

  • One of the main differences between electric cars and fuel or gas cars is the energy source, and basically what you as a consumer use to power your vehicle.
  • While cars with internal combustion engines run on petroleum or fossil fuels to move, electric cars consume electric energy.
  • And here you have to wonder what is the source from which your city produces electrical energy? Is it the combustion of coal, fuel, or renewable energy sources such as wind?
  • Of course, if it relies on renewable energy, you will not fear high electricity bills due to frequent charging of the car battery.
  • Electric cars consume half the cost of regular cars when operating, according to a study conducted by the Transportation Research Institute at the University of Michigan.
  • During the study, it was found that the average cost of operating electric cars in the United States is $485 million annually.
  • While the average cost of fuel-powered cars is $1.117 million.
  • The cost price varies depending on the source of gas or electric energy in the area in which you live,
  • in addition to the type of car you drive.
  • The fuel efficiency of your car is related to the type and age of the car.
  • The idea here is that the money you use to fill your car’s fuel tank is converted into kilometers that you will travel later.

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