Information About Electric Cars

Information about the new electric car

Information about the new electric car, that General Motors is preparing to present more than 30 completely new electric cars before 2030 AD. A car in China only so far, and sold more than 120,000 cars globally.

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Information about the new electric car

The car is being manufactured in cooperation between the American company General Motors, SIAC, and Wuling Motors. It is an ultra-compact three-door and four-seat hatchback, with a total length of 2,917 mm, and a width of 1,493 mm. It has a height of 1621 mm, a wheelbase of 1940, a weight of only 665 kg, and a storage space of 741 liters when the rear seats are folded.

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Features of electric cars

1. In terms of power system, the small Wuling Hongguang Mini EV offers a single electric motor mounted on the front axle, generating approximately 18 horsepower.
2. And a torque of 85 Nm, which is enough to achieve a top speed of 100 km / h, with two options for the battery pack, the first 9.2 kWh.
3. Which enables the car to travel a distance of 120 km / h, and the largest option has a capacity of 13.8 kWh, which can cover a distance of 170 km on a single charge.
4. As for the equipment, Wheeling offers Mini EV, with an acceptable number of them such as ABS, tire pressure monitoring system, rear parking sensors, air conditioning, electric windows, audio system, multiple storage places, LED headlights, and other equipment.

Electric car prices

  • As for the price, the price of the Wuling Hongguang Mini EV, expected to be presented in Egypt next year, starts from $4,380, equivalent to 68,700 thousand pounds.
  • And if it is already manufactured locally, it is expected that it will be offered at the same price or less.
  • Especially after electric car companies have declared the possibility of offering initiatives that include incentives and great support for those who buy them.

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Hybrid car engine

1. How can this smaller engine power the car to keep up with more powerful cars on the road?
2. Let’s compare a Chevrolet Camaro for example, with its 8 cylinder engine, we have a hybrid car with a small engine and an electric motor.
3. The engine in the Camaro has more than enough power to handle any driving situation.
4. The engine in a hybrid car is powerful enough to propel the car along the highway.
5. But when he needs to get more strength or go up a steep hill.
6. They need help. Help comes from the electric motor and battery — this system works to provide the necessary additional power.

Information about the new electric car
Information about the new electric car

Fuel price: electric cars VS fuel cars

  • One of the main differences between electric cars and fuel or gas cars is the energy source, and basically what you as a consumer use to power your vehicle.
  • While cars with internal combustion engines run on petroleum or fossil fuels to move, electric cars consume electric energy.
  • Information about the new electric car and here you have to wonder what is the source from which your city produces electrical energy? Is it the combustion of coal, fuel, or renewable energy sources such as wind?
  • Of course, if it relies on renewable energy, you will not fear high electricity bills due to frequent charging of the car battery.
  • Electric cars consume half the cost of regular cars when operating, according to a study conducted by the
  • Transportation Research Institute at the University of Michigan.
  • During the study, it was found that the average cost of operating electric cars in the United States is $485 million annually.
  • While the average cost of fuel-powered cars is $1.117 million.
  • The cost price varies depending on the source of gas or electric energy in the area in which you live,
    in addition to the type of car you drive.
  • The fuel efficiency of your car is related to the type and age of the car.
  • Information about the new electric car the idea here is that the money you use to fill your car’s fuel tank is converted into kilometers that you will travel later.

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