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5 tips before buying an electric car

5 tips before buying an electric car, electric cars should have at least a three-phase charger even if it comes at an additional cost in some cars. Find out the top tips in the following article.

Electric cars have many advantages such as being environmentally friendly, low operating and maintenance costs, no smell of gasoline or diesel, and no vibration or annoying noise. One has to consider some important criteria before buying an electric car.

5 tips before buying an electric car

How to charge

  • One must first know how to charge an electric car, said Stefan Heimlich, Chairman of the Automobile Club of Europe (ACE).
  • Because electric vehicle usage behaviors differ from models equipped with internal combustion engines.
  • The German expert explained, “Between 80 and 90 electric cars are charged at home, and a small percentage of electric car owners go to electric charging stations.”

Walking range

  • After that, the question arises about the appropriate type of car and the extent of travel provided by the battery charge.
  • Heimlich explained: “There is no reason to be afraid of the range in most cases, given that most motorists travel 40 km per day.
  • When the car is charged during the night, the battery is full the next morning.
5 tips before buying an electric car
5 tips before buying an electric car

Low operating costs

  • Electric cars have lower operating costs, and electric models are always associated with cost savings.
  • Heimlich explained that the operating costs of electric cars are reduced by up to 60%.
  • Moreover, the maintenance costs are much lower; Because electricity costs less than gasoline and diesel.
  • While fuel-cell cars with electric batteries are more expensive, such as the Hyundai Nexo and Toyota Mirai.

Charging speed

  • For his part, Thomas Schreiner of the Automobile and Travel Club of Germany (ARCD) advises looking at and inquiring about the technical data for electric vehicles.
  • He added, “In addition to the capacity and capacity of the battery when buying electric cars, you must inquire about the charging speed.
  • And this also includes whether the charging is carried out by alternating current or by direct current, or whether the current is single-phase or three-phase.”

Small cars

  • Even if small electric cars for cities include a smaller battery and shorter driving range, German expert Schreiner believes that this category of cars is very logical.
  • He added, “This type of car is smaller, more maneuverable, free of harmful emissions, requires less electric current, and is available at a low cost.”
  • Although a larger battery provides a longer range, it requires a longer charging period, and customers here can choose between Seat Mii Electric, Honda E, and Volkswagen ID3 models.

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