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Electric vehicle drives information

Electric vehicle drives information, electric cars still contain more secrets, between the desire of governments and modern countries to support this energy-saving, non-polluting, and economical material, and the desire of companies to stay away from it because of the large financial cost and people’s lack of demand for it, and this is because it is still An idea that needs more research and development so that it can be implemented in a broad and not limited way, and the most prominent facts about it are the following.

Electric vehicle drive information

  • Sales of these cars increased to 3.8% and they are witnessing rapid growth and improvement by car companies.
  • Battery electric vehicles, which are powered by a motor and battery that operate on electricity only without another source.
  • Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles are called “hybrid” with two engines, the first being electric and the second running on ordinary gasoline.
  • The efficiency of the electric motor is 88% more than that of a regular gasoline engine.
  • An electric motor is 3 times more powerful than the engine of your gasoline-powered car.
  • Electric motors are being developed to run on solar energy.
  • These cars are characterized by high speed, no annoying sounds, and fun while driving.
  • The daily distance covered by these cars is a great 193 km, and this percentage is good.
  • The hybrid car can travel 64 km with electricity, and after putting in gasoline it reaches 643 km.
Electric vehicle drives information
Electric vehicle drives information

Disadvantages of electric cars

  • We also explained that the experience of producing electric cars is still ongoing and has not been stabilized so far.
  • And one of the most prominent of these shortcomings is that the car battery needs a great effort in its production.
  • The reason is due to the complex method in which it is made, and this of course makes its cost high.
  • Of course, everyone thinks that these cars are clean and not polluting the environment.
  • But the damaged battery in which the car operates is difficult to dispose of and pollutes the environment greatly.
  • The serious drawback is that these cars emit harmful gases because of the process they do when generating electric power to drive the car.
  • This does not differ from gasoline cars much in terms of preserving the environment.

Information about electric cars

  • But the most important step is the materials in which the battery is made.
  • As “copper, cobalt, neodymium” is used, and these materials are taken from China and the Congo.
  • But this is not the main problem, the step is the process by which these materials are extracted.
  • These countries are committing massive human rights violations and operations harmful to the environment while extracting the materials needed for the manufacture of electric batteries.
  • Auto experts said that the electric car takes more time and effort than its traditional gasoline engine counterpart.
  • But in the end, the electric car has a higher efficiency in driving.
  • Energy consumption, and less exhaust.
  • Some electric cars get their energy from fossil fuels.
  • It is more harmful than diesel-powered, but of course.
  • It is not equivalent to the damage outside of gasoline.

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