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How do you take care of the electric car battery?

How do you take care of the electric car battery? Caring for an electric car battery mainly involves correct charging and avoiding extreme charge levels. Most batteries have systems that prevent full discharge, but it’s best not to drop the charge below 20 percent. In addition, sensitive areas such as connecting rods should be checked regularly for cleanliness. However, only properly trained and certified automotive mechatronics engineers should remove dust, dirt, and corrosion.

How do temperature fluctuations affect electric cars?

  • There is a danger to life if the voltage exceeds 42 V. To keep the contacts clean as long as possible, mechatronics engineers can treat them with special grease.
  • Because many consumable parts are eliminated, electric vehicles require less maintenance than vehicles with internal combustion engines.
  • However, an annual checkup is important to ensure that it is working properly.
  • Regular checks are especially important for the battery, as it is the most expensive component of an electric vehicle.
  • That is why it is equally important to inform yourself in advance that the workshop personnel is adequately trained in the maintenance of electric car batteries.
  • Electric car batteries work best at temperatures between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius, then they can exhaust their full capacity and age slowly.
  • Extremely high or cold temperatures will shorten battery life.
  • It is better to choose a parking place in the shade and in winter, garage parking is ideal.
How do you take care of the electric car battery
How do you take care of the electric car battery

Electric car battery air conditioning

  • Many electric vehicles now have battery air conditioning, which ensures optimum temperatures for energy storage when under load.
  • That is while driving or at the charging station.
  • In winter, the following generally applies: Charge the battery as soon as possible after driving.
  • Then it has not cooled down yet and less pressure.

Do some driving styles damage the battery?

  • As with the internal combustion engine, there are some driving maneuvers that can harm an electric car as well.
  • You don’t have to make a big change, because most driving styles that a combustion engine doesn’t like aren’t necessarily good for an electric car’s battery either.
  • This includes powerful acceleration as well as long rides at full throttle.
  • The same is true here: especially with cold batteries, high loads shorten their service life.

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