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Delorean electric car – Delorean is back

New DMC DeLorean Alpha-5 EV

Delorean electric car – Delorean is back The highly anticipated all-electric “DeLorean” supercar will be revealed at the end of this month, before making its debut at Pebble Beach in August.

Delorean electric car – Delorean is back

The deLorean Motors will unveil the model on Tuesday, May 31. The revitalized car will take a very different design approach from the 1980s sports coupe from which it is named.

The model is called the “DeLorean EVolved”. and it would be a very modern proposal. with what appear to be just subtle nods to its famous name.

It was originally confirmed to be unveiled on August 18, before “Pebble Beach” debuted just three days later.

Delorean electric car
Delorean electric car

Delorean electric car -New DMC DeLorean Alpha-5 EV

The first detailed preview image was announced earlier this year. It shows a clearly designed rear side with a focus on aerodynamic efficiency: the rear surface is tapered and features vents to direct the airflow. The rear arches extend significantly from the side of the car. and it appears that an extendable rear spoiler is located above a futuristic taillight strip.

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Delorean electric car
Delorean electric car

Giorgetto Giugiaro

The car was founded by designer Giorgetto Giugiaro, who was responsible for shaping the original DMC stainless steel body.

It’s unclear if the new “DeLorean” will be too faithful to the original design to go with the unpainted steel finishes.

In 2016, a new, low-volume manufacturing invoice gave the DeLorean Motor Company the green light to build a continuous series of 300 stops of original-spec DMCs.

But the regulations did not come into effect until 2019. There was no confirmation that the company continues to implement these plans along with the launch of EVolved.

Delorean electric car
Delorean electric car


DeLorean Motor Company

Furthermore, the DeLorean Motor Company has not provided any further evidence regarding the design of its first model since it acquired the rights to the DeLorean mark in 1995.

Except for confirmation earlier that it will have skyscraper doors. and a V-shaped light across the front facade. It has also not yet officially confirmed which name it will keep in the final reveal of the car.

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Delorean electric car
Delorean electric car


DeLorean Motor

Texas-based DeLorean Motor Company. formed by British engineer Stephen Wynn. which acquired the rights to the original company’s name and trademark in 1995.

She earlier previewed her modern style on “DeLorean DMC” with a medium engine in a cryptic tweet confirming limited details.

The accompanying hashtags indicate that it will focus more on luxury than the original 1981-1982 version did.

This isn’t the first time the revived brand has hinted at plans to bring back DMC. Last year, that’s 40 years since the car was launched.

The design house Italdesign showed a similar teaser image. and recently also previewed the Pebble Beach car, confirming its participation in the project.

Delorean electric car
Delorean electric car


Williams Advanced Engineering

The identity of the powertrain supplier has not yet been revealed. But in particular, Italdesign recently signed a partnership agreement with the British company, Williams Advanced Engineering.

As a result, the two will collaborate to create an open source electric vehicle platform for low-volume car manufacturers.


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