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Where can the electric car be charged?

Where can the electric car be charged? Public electric charging stations offer different levels of charge. Drivers can use the charger at home or in the workplace, which needs several hours to charge or use the fast charger, which takes about 30 minutes to charge the batteries.

Shipping at the place of residence

  • You only need to connect the plug to the power supply at home to use the first level of charging, which is common and convenient.
  • The car can be connected to the electricity source during the night so that your car is ready to go the next morning.
  • The second level of charging can also be used by installing a fast-charging station in the garage of the home.
  • Home charging points have various smart features such as energy consumption monitoring, software update, as well as internet access, if available.
Where can the electric car be charged
Where can the electric car be charged

Shipping in the workplace

  • An increasing number of companies are introducing electric charging points on their premises for their employees for convenience and sustainability.
  • And the charging speed at most of the charging points in the worksites is the same as the speed of the home charging points.
  • This will be convenient for employees because their cars can be charged while they are on the job.

Charging at public charging stations

  • More public electric charging stations are being built that enable you to charge your car while it is in parking lots in front of apartment buildings and public parking lots, in front of stores, shopping malls, and exercise centers.
  • Many electric charging stations are free, while others, especially DC fast charging points, require a fee.
  • We now find that many gas stations and service stations on the highways are equipped with charging points that can be used during long trips or in emergencies.
  • Such points can be found using appropriate applications.

What is the difference between hybrid and electric cars?

  • Hybrid cars are very fuel-efficient and cheap compared to fuel-only cars, which is why cars like the Toyota Corolla Hybrid and Toyota Camry Hybrid are very popular among city dwellers.
  • When the user is driving the hybrid vehicle at low speeds during peak time.
  • In this case, the car uses electric power, not fuel, and it uses “Atkinson cycle” engines powered by the electric motor when traveling on the highways.
  • Hybrid cars are an ideal option for people who want to buy a reliable car.
  • They emit less exhaust than petrol or diesel cars and those who drive often in cities.
  • Therefore, it is suitable for people who do not like to charge their cars or are worried about limited driving range.
  • It could also be cheaper than electric cars, and plug-in hybrid cars.

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