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What are hybrid electric cars?

What are hybrid electric cars? Hybrid cars are gaining a lot of popularity lately, due to some important reasons that came together in one car, such as saving fuel consumption and reducing harmful emissions from fuel combustion.

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Hybrid electric cars

  1. Hybrid cars are called by this name because they combine two systems in one car.
  2. Which is the electric car system with the fuel car system.
  3. The hybrid car was distinguished from fuel cars by the high number of kilometers traveled relative.
  4. To the amount of fuel consumed and harmful emissions while traveling that distance.
  5. It is also distinguished from electric cars with fast electric charging and efficiency in performance.
What are hybrid electric cars
What are hybrid electric cars

What are hybrid electric cars?

The hybrid car consists of some main parts, some of which can be found in fuel cars and others in electric cars, and they are as follows:

  1. Fuel Engine: It is somewhat similar to a conventional fuel engine, but with some advanced systems.
  2. Fuel tank: It stores fuel for the fuel engine.
  3. Electric motor: It is a sophisticated electric motor that can work as an electric motor
  4. Or as a generator of electric power.
  5. Electric Generator: Hybrid cars contain an electric generator that generates electric power only and cannot be operated as an engine.
  6. Batteries: They are used to store electrical energy.
  7. Transmission: It is similar to the traditional transmission in terms of functionality.
  8. As it transmits movement from the engine to the wheels.

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How do hybrid cars work?

  • The hybrid vehicle is powered by a conventional internal combustion engine and an electric motor.
  • The combustion engine generates electrical energy through its own generator.
  • Which is transferred to the batteries for use by the electric motor to generate kinetic energy.
  • Hybrid engines also work by two mechanisms: a conventional engine produces electrical energy and stores it in batteries.
  • It cannot be used to move the car directly.
  • A conventional motor produces electrical energy and stores it in batteries.
  • It can connect directly to the gearbox in synchrony with the electric motor and drive the car together in parallel.

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