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What is the difference between a Hybrid car and a regular car?

What is the difference between a Hybrid car and a regular car? Traction for both a hybrid and a regular car must be provided by the powertrain. The main difference between the two (a hybrid car and a regular) is the number of powertrains available to meet the traction power. A conventional car occupies only one power train, usually with an internal combustion engine (IC).

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Hybrid car and regular car

  1. A hybrid vehicle consists of two electric transmission trains, mostly with an EIC motor and an electric traction motor powered by a battery pack.
  2. The hybrid car can be introduced as a middle man between a conventional car and an electric car.
  3. After the benefits of both have been optimized from a practical point of view to achieve the dream advantages of an ideal electric passenger car.
  4. The powertrain of an ordinary car consists of an IC motor.
  5. Clutch or torque converter, transmission, final drive or differential for shaft drive, and driven wheels.
  6. Power should also be supplied to the auxiliary systems.
  7. Such as power steering, climate control, etc., through the same powertrain.
  8. Although there is an integrated energy recovery system to recover waste engine heat for heating purposes during cold climates.
  9. There is no advanced energy management system built with the average car.
Hybrid car and a regular car
Hybrid cars and regular cars

Hybrid and regular car features

  • The most interesting advantages of hybrid cars compared to regular cars:
  • The engine size is smaller to the same capacity as a regular car.
  • Energy recovery through a special regenerative break.
  • With “stop and go” driving in city traffic and coursing the hills.
  • The use of planetary gears and sun and ring gear systems allows the use of two power trains in any combination allowing the driver to boost sudden, light operation in normal driving.
  • The use of a reversible AC system based on thermal management of the battery bank with that of the compartment through a separate heat exchanger which is thermally connected to the battery case.
  • The engine can be turned off when stopping and starting with a full load just releasing the broken pedal
  • Operation improvement with less vibration, less noise, and less smoke emission.

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Electric cars and ordinary cars

  1. The main hybrid classes based on the above-mentioned drive options are the parallel hybrids (Honda Insight).
  2. Light Parallel Hybrids (Honda Civic), Series Hybrids, and Series-Parallel Hybrids (Toyota Prius).
  3. In a Series Hybrid, the engine drives a generator, which provides power to charge the battery pack and the engine to propel the vehicle.
  4. A parallel hybrid allows the vehicle to be driven by an IC motor or an electric motor individually or together.
  5. In electric driving, the clutch between the engine and transmission is open while driving with the IC drive, the actuator, and the engine running synchronously.

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